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So you got that big promotion or you got your independent business up and running, you’re making decent money, you’ve gotten caught up on your mortgage payments, long story short, you can afford to go out and buy your dream car.Well… before you jump the gun, there a few points you’ll want to keep in mind before splurging on an exotic car. What you already know is that you can expect a higher level of performance from a BMW or a Ferrari than you could from some fresh-off-the-lot Ford Taurus, but you should also know what you’re getting yourself into. We’re not trying to discourage anyone from buying their dream car here, quite the opposite, we want you to hop into the coolest set of wheels you can and not regret the purchase for even a second. But, before you buy an exotic car, take a moment and ask yourself if you’re ready…Luxury and Super Cars are High MaintenanceYou probably know a little something about taking care of a vehicle by this point, but know that a Maserati isn’t the sort of car you can just drop off at the garage and have back in a couple days.These are cars built to last, but it requires a lot of attention and tuning to keep a high-performance engine performing at its best. Not only that, but these cars are built from a variety of rare components, most of which will have to be imported if you need a replacement part.In other words, you really need to treat an exotic car with a lot of tender loving care. Keeping a Ferrari in check is a little more demanding, and a bit more expensive, than keeping your Nissan on the road.Driving a Sports Car is more DemandingEvery driver lusts after high-powered sports cars, it’s in one’s nature as a license-carrying citizen. However, not every driver is truly capable of handling a high-powered sports car. Many exotic cars, truth be told, really aren’t built for the streets, for the daily commute, but rather, they’re simply a toned-down version of the sort of cars you expect to find racing the quarter mile.Within the world of exotic cars, you have plenty of options, but you’ll want to weigh those options carefully. If you think you’re ready for a high-end sports car over a luxury vehicle, don’t let us talk you out of it, just be sure you can handle whatever car you’re after.And finally… Read Up!You don’t just want any old exotic car, you want the exotic car that’s perfect for you, one that fits your style, your needs. As a status symbol alone, any exotic car will do, sure, but at the end of the day the reason you’re looking into exotic cars is so that you can experience the thrill of driving one yourself.Check out some luxury car magazines and read some driver reviews, or just do some research on the internet. It’s hard to somehow come out with a clunker when you’re shopping for exotic cars, but you should nonetheless make sure you know as much as possible about the market before putting any money down. Much like a fine wine, every exotic car is different, so make sure that the one you’re after is exactly the sort of car you’ve always dreamed of.No matter what car you decide on there are 3 things you should always do:1. Get a CarFax2. Have the car inspected by a qualified mechanic/performance center3. Go through a reputable dealer

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After you’ve decided to import a car from abroad into the US, your next step should be to locate an insurance company. But where do you look? Finding a company who will work with you can be quite a challenge and once you do find a company, the insurance rates are often quite high, depending on the model of the car you are importing.For example, if your car is just a foreign variation of a car available in the US, for example a European only version of a Nissan or Toyota, the insurance costs will probably not be too high. Because the parts for the car are probably interchangeable between the American and European versions of the car, it won’t be hard to find the parts and the costs won’t be out of line should you get into an accident and the insurance company has to fix your car.However if you are bringing a car into the US which is unique, your rates could be astronomical. The reason is that it will be difficult and expensive to locate the parts to fix your car should you be involved in an accident. From an insurer’s point of view, the prices they charge are all about risk. If fixing your car could cost a lot, they are going to charge you dearly for the privilege of letting them provide you insurance.Because each car is unique and involves a lot of time and effort to review when deciding how much to charge for insurance, many insurance companies simply won’t provide insurance for imported cars. They figure that for the small amount of money – for them – that they will make does not offset the additional cost of knowledgeable personnel they will need to have to be able to make the proper determination of cost for each policy.Surprisingly, search engines fail to turn up many options when it comes to finding import car insurance. It is definitely an overlooked area of the car insurance industry. Try asking around on the forums at car enthusiast web sites like import-car.com and even motortrend.com. Also, look for insurance ads in import car magazines and newsletters. The advertisers in these publications understand what you are looking for and will be more than happy to work with you. Finally, talk to the company that is importing your car. They will also be able to give you names and contact information for insurance companies that should be able to provide you with reasonable rates.